Keeping you safer on the road…

If you’re a regular on Abu Dhabi’s highways, byways, freeways and leeways — you’ve probably spotted those, well they look a bit like traffic signals attached to the crash barriers on the side of the road.

And today we get to discover what they’re all about. Spoiler, it’s not roadside disco lighting.

Life is a highway

They’re actually part of an alert system network, which has been specifically designed to make motorists aware of (or confirm the absence of) certain hazards on the highway.

Colour codes

When the top two red and blue lights intermittently flash, it signifies an upcoming collision — allowing drivers to prepare accordingly.

A flashing yellow light denotes weather based hazards such as fog, dust or rain.

Regardless of the colour, these alerts indicate that drivers should start reducing their speed, safely and responsibly. It is not the claxon for an emergency handbrake pull.

The flash alert units are powered by solar energy, in addition to inbuilt batteries and are in operation now.

Whether or not they will mean the end of those terrifying (but hitherto absolutely necessary) emergency alerts that pop up on your phone with a purge siren following a road traffic accident in the area, is yet to be confirmed.

Images: Abu Dhabi Police