Casual dining with a little extra razzle dazzle…

Deserving winner of What’s On Dubai’s Favourite Burger Award 2023, Slaw – is preparing to launch a brand new project in Abu Dhabi.

This time, they’re doing things a little bit *raises pinky* differently. The ‘Slaw and More’ concept deliberately dials up the sophistication, the intricacy and the exoticism — creating, what they’re calling ‘the UAE’s first premium burger boutique’.


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Think dry-aged Wagyu burgers and avant-garde flavour tinkering in the medium of ‘wow’. It’s scheduled to open at the end of this month, along the stunning waterfront of leisure destination Al Qana, where it joins a buzzing culinary quarter.

Slaw and More is the latest concept from Slaw’s charismatic founder Ali Yazadi — a man who has scintillating form when it comes to taking the road less travelled and doing unexpected things with buns and patties.

As part of a collab with What’s On last year, in honour of our 43rd birthday (thanks, we know — so young right? It’s all down to the skincare routine), we co-authored a burger together — although if you’re not a fan of mixing sweet and savoury (trigger warning) you may want to look away from your screen now.

The Slaw x What’s On burger, available to purchase for a limited time in May of last year included —  fried chicken, special Oh Yeah! and homemade peanut butter sauce, vanilla ice cream, all topped with a lollipop stick and candy floss. Honestly, if you were able to finish it, there was a brief moment in the deep jungle of sugar dizzies where you can literally see through the fabric of time.

As for the full menu of this new Slaw, we’ll just have to wait a little while to find out — but we’re expecting premium providence ingredients, jostling taste juxtapositions, flourishes of fierce flavour and… the unexpected.

Slaw and More is set to open at Al Qana towards the end of May. @slawandmore

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