It’s heading to Al Qana…

With its breezy waterfront setting, it’s as fitting location as any in the capital, but Al Qana has found itself as a bit of a hub for restaurants and cafes offering Mediterranean cuisine. We hate to be name droppers but, there’s already Oii, Tazal, Pavo, House of Joud, Cave, Graffiti, Mado and the Rooftop Garden Lounge offering either principally Euro-coastal food or variations of it.

We’re certainly not complaining. Who doesn’t love those refreshing alfresco salad lunches? Patisserie for petitdéjeune? Cirtrussy seafood grills?

And in news that will delight, at the very least DJ Khaled, ‘another one’ is on its way in the shape and substrate of Terra — a concept from Rashed Al Tayer of Outset. You may remember them from such hospitality portfolio inclusions as the Dubai outlet of Terra, and then there’s Boston Lane, Neighbors, and CMPLX.

But what makes Terra different?

With all that’s on offer at Al Qana, why should we instead head to this Med?

The Euro-feasts of Terra Eatery’s menu feature an “open and humble approach to gastronomy and culinary processes”. You’ll also find distinctive earthy (as the name suggests) aesthetics, strong botanical hemming, and an open ‘show’ kitchen.

It’s set to open sometime this May, and will operate daily between midday and midnight. Talking about the vision for Terra, is creator Rashed Al Tayer said: “Terra was designed to offer upscale cuisine in a warm and welcoming environment, where our guests could feel at home.”

“We always had plans for expansion, but the decision to start with Abu Dhabi came from the large number of people we had making the trip to Dubai just to visit us. I wanted to be able to reciprocate the support we have been shown by bringing Terra closer to home for the people of Abu Dhabi to enjoy.” @terra.eatery

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