It’s all going digital…

Emirates Airlines has announced that it will be taking a step into the digital future by offering customers the ability to travel entirely digitally. Most passengers departing on an Emirates flight from Dubai will be required to use a digital boarding pass instead of a printed paper version. It will be implemented for flights from Monday, May 15 onwards.

Passengers checking in at Terminal 3 will receive the digital boarding pass via email or text message. If you check in online, you can load your boarding pass into your Apple or Google Wallet. Alternatively, you can retrieve your boarding pass via the Emirates App. Your checked-in baggage receipt will also be emailed to you directly.

emirates new livery

The Emirates digital boarding pass aims to significantly reduce paper waste while also offering an added convenience for an easier digitised check-in experience. It will also reduce the risk of lost or misplaced boarding passes, thus giving passengers peace of mind while travelling.

Can I still get a paper boarding pass?

Yes, it is possible for passengers to request a printed boarding pass at the check-in counters. This will be useful for those who do not have a smartphone, or if they are unable to access the information on their devices.

Do note that some passengers are still required to have a physical boarding pass printed. This includes if you are travelling with an infant; if you’re an unaccompanied minor or if you require special assistance.

You will also require a physical copy if you are travelling on an onward flight on a different airline and for passengers on all flights to the United States of America.

Is this new?

Not entirely, many of us have already been using a digital boarding pass when travelling. According to Emirates, millions of passengers have already been enjoying the convenience of digital boarding passes.

Images: Emirates