Flights start at just Dhs129…

Quick personality quiz for you, it won’t take long, it’s just one multiple-choice question. If you’re going out for dinner, what is the most sensible way to spend your money. Is it a) blowing the whole evening’s budget by chartering a gold helicopter; b) making good transport decisions for the ride to and from the restaurant and then splurging on the evening; or c) investing the full amount in fringe NFTs.

If you answered b, congratulations – despite there being no official correct answer to this (after all, it is a personality test), it is the right answer and we have some incredible news for you. The rest of you, we still have good news but we’d strongly urge against you applying for large-limit credit cards.

The news is that Wizz Air is having one of their periodic sales that seems to wave a red rag in the face of Keynesian economics. With discounts on ticket prices to a range of global destinations, and fares starting from just Dhs179. Those flights can be purchased now on the website, they’re all based on one-way fares and with minimal luggage but, there are still “ultra-low” priced returns to be had across the network, with direct flights leaving from Abu Dhabi Airport.

Cheap flights from Abu Dhabi

Example destination deals include the Maldives from Dhs379 (flights daily); Larnaca in sunny stunning Cyprus from Dh199 (flights thrice weekly); Salalah from an incredible Dhs129 (five times weekly and literally cheaper than your cab fare to the airport); flights to Santorini, on another CONTINENT, and a spectacularly handsome one at that, start at Dhs219 (Mon and Fri flights); the Turkish idyll of Antalya is within your reach from Dhs219 (three times a week); and the Holy city of Medina is also accessible from Dhs29 with daily flights.

All of which should leave you with more than enough to splurge on hotels, slap-up meals or, if you simply must, Crypto jpegs.

Talking about the news, Johan Eidhagen, the Officer and Managing Director of Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, said: “As the flagbearer of ultra-low-cost travel in the region, we are committed to providing ultra-low fares that empower travellers of all ages to embark on extraordinary and exhilarating adventures. Wizz Air Abu Dhabi offers an eclectic mix of captivating destinations across Europe, Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East.”

Images: Facebook