They’re not as scary as you think…

Living in a city that is all about that fast-paced hustle can sometimes be a challenge. An even bigger challenge for some is plucking up the courage to chat with someone new, whether it be on a night out, in a coffee shop, or at an event.

Whether you’re looking to meet a date or expand your circle of friends, initiating conversation with someone new is a tricky space to navigate. This is exactly why Mingle DXB has set out to create an event that will provide singles with the perfect opportunity to meet people and have a good time in a relaxed environment.

Knees weak, palms sweaty

And no, we don’t mean the Eminem track. But rather actual sweaty palms, because arriving at these events can sometimes make you feel like you have all eyes on you. You’ll never know what could happen if you don’t try and showing up is the very first step. So if you’ve got this far, we already consider this a win.

Feeling nervous is completely justifiable, because more often than you think – everybody else has experienced this feeling too and you’re not alone. Something to focus on: everybody is probably feeling the exactly same as you at that very moment.

Putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations is usually where we learn the most about ourselves and others. Which means even if you don’t meet the one, at least you’ve tried. And that honestly counts for far more than we give ourselves credit for.

The art of the mingle


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A welcome drink is served to everyone as we arrive, and instantly helps to put us a bit more at ease. Then it’s time to decide where to position ourselves in the sea of new faces. On the sidelines, it’s good to people watch until plucking up the courage. If you pick a table right in the middle of the mingling, then you’re front and centre.

Different ways to approach the Single Mingle

The just go for it approach

The courage it takes to simply put oneself in the middle of it all and go for it is commendable. This is the person that will walk up to any table and any person no matter how many people surround them, make their move and hope for the best. After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

The dancing queen (or king)

Standing in the middle of the room, bopping about to the beats, this is possibly one of the easier ways to spark a conversation. If you’re all boogying around the tables, it becomes a lot easier to get chatting.

There are no rules to this

It can be a delicate dance, asking the stereotypical questions that pop up for the small talk to begin. Other times you deep dive right into the nitty gritty of life and you’ve hit it off.  Set your expectations realistically, go in with an open mind and who knows? Maybe you just might meet that special someone.

Our biggest recommendation: Have. Fun. It’s not that serious. 

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