A spoiler-free zone…

On Saturday, June 17 Netflix hosted another rendition of the fan event Tudum, where they released clips, trailers and all sorts of fun announcements for some of the most anticipated films and series that are coming out this year.

The global event was held in Brazil this year and there are some pretty incredible series that have been confirmed for another season with sneak peeks and other announcements and we couldn’t be more excited.

Here are 8 Netflix shows that have been confirmed for another season


She’ll dance, dance dance, and cause mayhem along the way. The only daughter of Morticia and Gomez, Wednesday is b(l)ack for another season. While there were some mixed reviews about this series, we can confirm that we are excited to see Thing, Wednesday and Enid back in action. The witty and otherwise dark series will follow Wednesday Addams as she returns to the Nevermore Academy and we are promised more “kooky and spooky” adventures.

Emily in Paris 

A slightly lighter series, Emily in Paris follows well – Emily, an American marketing executive as she moves to Paris and meets some people along the way. Trying to keep things spoiler free, for those who aren’t caught up. The love triangle between her neighbour/buddy/chef friend Gabriel, her friend and Gabriel’s on-again-off-again girlfriend Camille, and Emily has just got even more complicated; if that’s even possible?

Not to mention her best friend Mindy is likely to compete in Eurovision. Things are looking up for the gang – minus the usual bumps along the road. But don’t forget about heartbroken Alfie, her British (now ex) boyfriend, because how could we forget about Alfie? This time, however, we might find Emily, not so in Paris as she jets off to Rome.

Squid Game

Childish games have grave consequences. It’s safe to say that if you have a Netflix account, you have probably watched this gripping series. The first season ends with the main character Seong Gi-hun ready to seek revenge on the cruel puppeteers who orchestrated the sick game. We don’t have too many details but we do know who to expect in terms of the casting… Which says a lot about the next season. Feel free to view the announcement above, but at your own risk as there may be some spoilers if you haven’t finished the first season.


Joe Goldberg walks into a bar. Hello, you. A serial killer that the internet has somehow grown to love, against Penn Badgely’s wishes. A tumultuous story of love, desire and a man that somehow is unrecognisable the second he puts on a hat. This will be the fifth and final instalment of Joe Goldberg’s story.

We promised a spoiler-free zone, but of course, we can expect plenty of skulking around bushes, apparently new split personalities (officially known as Dissociative Identity Disorder, before people get upset) and obsessive behavioural issues that are far too deep-rooted for us to get involved in at this current time. The anti-hero has admitted to his faults and horrific actions, with the help of his latest ‘Love,’ what could possibly go wrong?

Too Hot To Handle

Trash TV is always good TV. Gorgeous eligible singles meet and mingle, but there’s a twist – will they be able to abstain in order to win the grand prize? The answer ultimately is no, of course not, but that’s what makes for good TV. Rivalries form, people are unhappy when their prize money dwindles down due to reckless behaviour and ultimately will they find true love? We’ll hopefully find out if there is hope yet when the new singles arrive for the next season.


Period pieces can sometimes be hit-and-miss. However, Shonda Rhimes does it so flawlessly. This will be the third instalment of the Brigerton story and the fourth instalment in the universe thanks to the drop on Queen Charlotte. We were lucky enough to have that beautiful story see us through until we get to witness Colin and Penelope’s love story (finally.) We haven’t been given much more than preview photos, however.

The Witcher

Toss a coin to your Witcher. This will sadly be the last time we see Henry Cavill at Geralt, this season, Ciri is in real danger. There is nothing theoretical about what Geralt and Ciri must face in this season. Facing monsters, magic and something even scarier to some – feelings.


A French gentleman thief, for those who aren’t aware – the world-famous story of Arsène Lupin, a world-famous French thief and master of disguise who is now played by Omar Sy. We recommend catching up on the witty and overall thrilling tv series before the next season is out. Separated from his family and now on the run from the police will he make it? We’ll have to tune in to find out.


Images: Netflix and Movie Stills DB