Sponsored: And it involves music in a big way…

Today, both Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) and Expo City posted some deliciously cryptic content on their social channels, and it looks like they’re teasing something pretty monmental.

What we know

Full disclosure, we don’t know much about what it might actually be at this stage. But we do have a few clues, and that’s all we need to put on the Sherlock Holmes hat, and go full Doctor What’son (see what we did there) on the mystery. All that we need to do is eliminate the impossible, and whatever remains, however improbable, is true… Elementary, our dear What’s On readers.

Clue number one

Whatever is happening involves music. We don’t know the date, we don’t know what format of experience the music will take, what genre, whether it’s that stuff that sounds like patio furniture being moved around in the apartment above you, or the sweetest most soulful melodies this generation has ever heard. We just know, it’s a music thing..

Clue number two

We also know the location of whatever music based thing it is. It’s Expo City, formally the seat of EXPO 2020 AKA The World’s Greatest Show. An auspicious foreshadowing perhaps of what is still to come.

Wild speculation

Based on those two clues alone, any sort of conclusion we could to would be the most irresponsible sort of wild speculation, but that’s never stopped us before. EXPO was home to more than a few world class concerts (remember that Cold Play closing gig?), dance spectacles, stage shows and musical theatre. Maybe they’re the combining all that, and making EXPO: The Musical? With multicultural line dancersin multinational dress, little piroueting robots, songs about pavilions and the queues outside AlBaik? Yes? No?

What do you think? Are we way off the money? Let us know in the comments on social media.

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