Experience an elevated masterclass at Aura Skypool this month…

After a hugely-successful inaugural workshop in April, a celebrated ‘breathwork and ice bath’ workshop returns to Aura Skypool on June 23 and 24. Taking place from 6am to 9am, participants will experience the now famous combination of breathing practices, ice bath immersion and mental strengthening exercises – all set against the incredible backdrop of the Dubai skyline.

Led by long-time instructor Ferdinand Thor – a man with the appearance of a Herculean Viking and the charisma of a French Tony Robbins – this spiritually and mentally uplifting workshop offers a variety of holistic health benefits, from reducing inflammation to improving athletic ability and mental health, all designed to help individuals feel stronger, happier, and healthier.

What happens?

Taking place on the spectacular Aura pool deck, Ferdinand and his plucky tribe team from Valencia begin by sharing the theory behind the power of the breath and cold water immersion. The group then experiences a powerful breath work session where guests are guided through exhilarating but intense rounds of deep breathing practices.

The famous ice bath experience follows, which is said to trigger a cascade of health benefits, including more balanced hormone levels, improved sleep quality, and the production of endorphins – the feel-good chemicals in the brain that naturally elevate your mood. A collection of pop-up ‘tubs’ filled to the brim with ice are placed on the decking. Ferdinand and this team then help guide everyone individually into the ice for approximately three-minutes, nurturing and championing each student as they overcome their fears and embrace the cold.

Following the experience, guests are invited to stay on to ask questions, meet the team, and enjoy a healthy breakfast in the lounge. Expect an intense, emotional morning, that might just change your life…

To book your spot, click here, or visit tribesuperhuman.com/workshops-tribe

June 23 and 24

Aura Skypool, The Palm Tower, Palm Jumeirah, Fri or Sat 6am to 9am, Dhs1,600 per person (mats and towels are also provided for all guests). @tribesuperhuman; @auraskypool

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