Go sports!

This weekend the UEFA Champions League will be coming to a close, which means no more top tier televised football for the summer (cheers to all the football fan girlfriends around). But before the soccer sign-off, we’ve still got this one thrilling clash between two footballing titans to look forward to.

Taking place from 11pm in Istanbul on Saturday, June 10, this 2022-23 final features local favourites Manchester City who are in-form and on the hunt for their very first Champion’s League trophy, but counting pre-hatched chickens in a footballing final is a fool’s folly (never forget that infamous 2005 Istanbul night).

Before Gundogan, Haaland, De Bruyne and company (not be confused with Kompany) can lift the silverwear have to battle it out with, and defeat a jubilant, determined and scrappy Inter Milan – who are on less of a streak but do have the experience of holding three Champion’s League titles to help put some fire in their tekkers.

But if you’re an Abu Dhabi based fan and were unable to afford the three mortgages required to secure tickets to watch it live — the good news is they’ll be showing it on a huge screen in the Town Square section of Yas Mall.

And while we wish both teams the best of luck, sorry Inter stans, this is a viewing party just for the City fans.

The match of the year

That’s right, there will be a Champions League final screening which will allow fans from across Abu Dhabi to flock to one location and catch the nail-biter of a game.

Kick-off is at 11pm (UAE time) on Staurday and there will be plenty of pre-match hype inclusive of official Man City mascots, Moonchester and Moonbeam.

Don’t worry about painting your face with the team logo at home, because there will be face painters at Yas Mall to do it for you. Along with freestylers and plenty of other fun activities to enjoy.

Entry and prizes

The event is entirely free to enter however, pre-registration is encouraged as there is a chance to win the ‘best seat in the house’ for you and a friend where you will be seated on a VIP sofa.

Not only will you have the best seats in the house, but you will also win a signed jersey along with some other incredible Man City merchandise.

Live screening of UEFA Champions League Final, Town Square, Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi, Sat June 10 from 11pm, free entry register here.

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