Here’s how it went…

Ever wondered what a day out in Dubai would look like if it was planned by Artificial Intelligence (AI)? We didn’t either until recently. ChatGPT has the internet by storm and has very quickly become a topic of controversy. No matter your opinion of open-source AI, it is an increasingly useful tool, and in true What’s On fashion we have decided to put ChatGPT to the test – to see if it would be able to plan out a fun day in Dubai.


First up on the list of things to do, apart from waking up (yes it even told us to wake up) is breakfast, and much to our delight, ChatGPT suggested one of Dubai’s favourite cafes, The Lime Tree Cafe in Jumeirah. Without hesitation, we jumped in the car and headed straight for the gem of a venue.

Something beautiful and cultured

No day out in Dubai would be complete without exploring the gorgeous rich culture that the city has to offer. Keeping in close proximity, we head to the Jumeirah Mosque, one of the few mosques in the city that offer guided tours. Stunning architecture, and a place for the local community to gather. We are in awe of its beauty.

The mosque now also has a stunning museum in the visitors’ centre that offers dwellers a glimpse into the history of the gorgeous city and how it came to be.

Coaxing an activity


Since Chat GPT’s knowledge has a cut-off of September 2021, and given how quickly the Dubaiscape changes. It was a little bit more tricky trying to plan a day in Dubai with ChatGPT that involved a new activity that was fun and fresh. So after some coaxing, and allowing the algorithm to learn what we were looking for, it landed on visiting Alserkal.

Al Serkal, for those who don’t know – and according to ChatGPT – is somewhat of a cultural hub in Dubai. The area offers a vast range of fun activities and activations to get involved in including art galleries, exhibitions, workshops, and incredible shops that offer visitors the opportunity to create in a safe space. We decided we had to check out Oo La Lab, located in The Edit.

We created our own signature scent with the help of the perfume mixologist and were so happy with how it turned out. This is such a fun summer activity and a really cute gift idea.


Staying in Al Quoz, we are well on our way to being hungry again. Next, we asked the AI wizard, what places it would recommend for lunch. While there were few options to choose from, unfortunately, some of the options that it suggested had relocated to different areas.

Thankfully the Courtyard has been around for quite some time and it’s just a short walk across the road from Alserkal. Naturally, we head to one of its more popular joints, Cassette. The venue is pumping as always with all kinds of people and we sit and enjoy the end to a very busy day out.

Images: Unsplash, Socials, and ChatGPT