An alcove that is out of this world…

I always find it difficult to do reviews that are inherently positive or that have no faults. And so, for this review in particular I’m finding it difficult to put pen to paper, well fingers to keyboard.

It’s not difficult because I prefer being negative, nothing could be further from the truth. Rather it’s a human quirk that it’s far easier to be descriptive about negative experiences than the positive ones and at 101 Dining Lounge and Marina – it is nearly impossible to be cynical.

Not just a meal on a plate

Growing up with a family in food, for as long as I can remember the one thing that was always repeated time after time was “When you work in the restaurant world – you don’t only sell a meal, you sell an experience.”

Never have words rung more true than when stepping foot into this restaurant. From the ceiling to the bar and right down to the floorboards, each element of the restaurant is carefully thought out.

I could describe it in intricate detail, paint you pictures of the coral-like frame. But it would be like taking a picture of the Dubai skyline at night, on your phone – the camera doesn’t do the true beauty justice.

Walk down the docks, to your left, a private dining room, on your right, you are welcomed by the understated beauty of the venue. Step into a coralline wonderland where white partitions protrude from the walls. On the far right of the restaurant, the viral LED flooring an ocean literally beckoning to the shore. At the centre of the restaurant, bartenders concoct cocktails with finesse.

Describing how knowledgeable and attentive the staff were, not just to me but to the other diners in the restaurant. I have to commend them for understanding each dish and its intricate details almost as well as the chef would.

At the helm, chef Yannick Alléno pays particular care to the Mediterranean seafood that is served up at 101 Dining. Each dish, an experience to behold.

The textures were spot on every time with creative twists around every corner. Who would possibly suggest that a homemade orange mayo would pair so cohesively with lobster tail on a bed of palm hearts as if the one was made for the other.

Steamed vegetables are seldom the hero when ordering the kitchen giants, such as tenderloin coated in a tomato and anchovy butter or Chilean seabass expertly plated with a citrus emulsion. A forgotten side dish that becomes stodgy and lacklustre. At 101 Dining, they stand out with just the right amount of crunch, slightly roasted for a smokiness that is welcomed with open arms.

After each bite, we find it more and more difficult to choose a favourite dish. Flavours come together like Remy from Ratatouille experiencing a whole new world of flavour when combining cheese and strawberries kind of way.

It’s impossible to pick a favourite or stand-out dish because each flows wonderfully into the other. Although the restaurant has already been open for over 10 years, this astounding restaurant should be considered the pearl of Palm Jumeirah.

What’s On verdict: Undoubtedly each dish is immaculately crafted. No dish over salted, no texture an oversight. A perfectly harmonious affair.

101 Dining Lounge and Marina, One&Only The Palm, West Cresent Palm Jumeirah, open Mon to Thu from 5pm 1am, Fri and Sat 12pm to 1am. Tel: (0)4 440 1030 @101_dxb

Images: Supplied