Tree huggers, spread your arms out because this is one clean, green, beauty you don’t want to miss…

Some hidden gems are hiding in plain sight. Some others, are waiting to be discovered.

Image: Instagram

A sprawling greenhouse has jumped on to the UAE’s list of must-sees, in the locality of Al Samha, Abu Dhabi. Just off the intersection of E11 and Al Madar Street, to your right, as you exit Dubai, beckons a massive glass structure.

The expansive glass building, about 45 minutes from Dubai, is a beautifully developed home for various species of plants, including fruit varieties like pineapple and plantain. It also houses numerous vegetative species, vegetable patches, potted plants and dedicated spaces for lilac, with detailed descriptions of the various species provided for the botanist in you.

In addition to plants and their detailed descriptions, the greenhouse also encompasses aquaponic systems and information that educates and explains aquaculture.  Aquaponics is an innovative food production technique that combines both aquaculture and hydroponics, and it has taken the industry by storm for the better part of the past decade.

While entry is free so you spend a good chunk of your day wandering around and exploring various types of flora, you don’t have to do it on an empty stomach. The greenhouse also has an AJ1881 coffee outlet on site, as well as an Otantik, a reasonably priced Turkish eatery with generous seating and a nicely laid out breakfast, lunch and beverage menu to fuel your agro-powered adventure.

With huge glass panels all around that will let you soak in the sun without feeling like a grilled zucchini, the structure is hard to miss while you’re driving along Sheikh Zayed Road. With a huge, arching roof and beautiful little waterfalls and ponds greeting you, this is a treat for any agro-lover or just if you want to steep in the joys of nature for a change. After dark, the greenhouse is beautifully lit up, an ornate spectacle for the ‘grammers reading this and already browsing Google Maps.

Al Samha greenhouse, westbound off E11 hwy. and Al Madar Street intersection, Al Samha, Abu Dhabi.