Here’s some good news for your mid-week slump…

Hijri New Year is just around the corner and it’s official: we’re getting a long weekend. UAE officials have confirmed that Friday July 21 will be a public holiday in the UAE for the public and private sectors on the occasion of Islamic New Year.

This means it’s going to be a long weekend for those who usually have Saturday and Sunday off.

Initially, the announcement by the Federal Authority For Government Human Resources – UAE (FAHR) applied to the public sector only. However, it was later confirmed by the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization (MOHRE) that the public holiday will also be Friday July 21 for the private sector.

What other public holidays do we have left this year?

After Hijri New Year, we have the possible following long weekends coming up:

Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday

Al-Mawlid Al-Nabawi is listed on Friday, September 29, 2023. This would mean another long weekend at the end of September, for those that have a typical Saturday-Sunday weekend.

Commemoration Day and UAE National Day 


Commemoration Day (previously known as Martyrs’ Day), is marked annually on December 1, which is a Friday in 2023.

Immediately after this, UAE celebrates National Day which falls on December 2 and 3, which is a Saturday and Sunday. This means it will be a three-day weekend for the final long weekend of the year.

As mentioned, we will have to wait for confirmation from authorities, so stay tuned to for the official announcements.

Images: Getty Images and supplied