Grace, finesse and skill take centre stage at this annual cultural fiesta…

Have you ever wondered how ballet dancers perform those strikingly elegant moves in your favourite musical? Fortunately, you won’t need to stand on your toes to find out. Come on over to the Emirates Palace Auditorium and enjoy some of the finest in ballet dancing, including a performance by renowned ballerina, Natalia Osipova in the Force of Nature.

Image: What’s On archive

An alumna of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography, Natalia has worked with big names in the business including the American Ballet Theatre, the Mikhailovsky Ballet and is currently a principal dancer in the Royal Ballet, based at the Royal Opera House in London. She has also appeared in several solo performances, including in Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. You can also expect to see her perform the Dying Swan, a solo dance that goes back 116 years.

Abu Dhabi Classics is an annual, seasonal cultural fiesta in the capital. Fans enjoy a string of traditional performances, like ballet and the performing arts. Orchestras and soloists put on rich, memorable shows to enthrall the public, and regional artists from the Arab music industry also feature in stunning shows. Performances are primarily based on the works of leading composers, highlighting their contributions to the fields of music and culture.

This year, programming will also include the Berlin Philharmonic Quintet on September 9 and 10. They will put on their first performance in Abu Dhabi, with chamber music from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

Now that you’ve read plenty, it’s time to experience all of the above firsthand. See you stage-side!

Force of Nature, Abu Dhabi Classics 2023, Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi. 8:00pm, Thursday, October 12. For more information, visit