Just for delivery though…

Fried chicken tastes better when you leave the bone in. And there’s more than just a ‘colonel’ of truth in that. It’s a scientific fact. Admittedly one under-studied with clinical rigor but still as immutable and inevitable as the invisible force that guides Nissan Patrols into the express lane on a highway.

When one beak-omes two

It’s also a cooking method that helped Yolk Brands’ (the homegrown slick chick pedlars behind Pickl) BonBird, instantly stand out amongst fierce competition when it launched at City Walk in March of this year. With the parent brand’s signature savvy marketing, hunks of bone-in fried chicken that quite literally gave us the swoon sweats when we tasted it, little Heisenburg-esque baggies of chicken salt, classic American diner style shakes and the best-in-class fries, Chico, it’s all in the fries, expansion seemed like a fowlgone conclusion.

Spitting feathers

We didn’t have to wait long to get it either. Just five months later and BonBird 2.0 has opened in JLT. It’s operating out of a ‘dark kitchen’ so it’s just available for delivery, but the headline is: this premium poultry plug is now supplying hot chick hits to a whole new catchment area in Dubai (JLT, JBR, Marina, Barsha, Barsha Heights and The Palm).

If you live at that end of town but never made the hero’s journey to City Walk (we see you Marina people) – a friendly Deliveroo man will now bring it directly to your house. Possibly even sofa, if your tip game is strong.

What should I order?

We’ve already mentioned the bone-in chicken, which is the brand’s signature serving and is genuinely amongst the best examples of its kind in the region. So get that.

It’s available in various spice levels (though none approaching the Oppenheimer reaper heat of certain competitors) and the ‘alarming but eh-go-on-then’ portion-size of ‘buckets’ (for ‘families’) and they do offer boneless chicken tenders for people that value convenience over flavour. They do tubs of dill and chilli (a la UK kebab shops) pickles, mac ‘n’ three cheese, sausage and buffalo wraps, fries that we have not, and stubbornly refuse to ever shut up about, and a chicken sandwich melt that we had to forcibly restrain one of our team members from making a teary-eyed, boombox above the head, marriage proposal to (@Shelby).

And then there’s the chicken salt. It’s like cheese or David Attenborough. You can add it to almost anything and it immediately makes it better.

BonBird is now available for orders on Deliveroo across JLT, JBR, Marina and The Palm

Images: Provided/Instagram