Another level of luxury…

At this point, if you live in the UAE or in Dubai, you are likely to have an Emirates Skyward frequent flyer membership and for most of us, it is a blue or silver tier membership.

For those who fly on a much more regular basis with Emirates, you might be lucky enough to have a gold, or as of 2013, platinum status membership.

However, let us introduce to you the secret tier of Emirates Skywards membership – Emirates iO. That’s right Emirates Skywards memberships go above a platinum tier, where it is invitation only (or iO.)

How do I get in?

Well, here’s the tricky part: No amount of frequent flyer points can guarantee that you will receive this highly exclusive upgrade.

The only way a person can become a member of this tier is by receiving a personal invitation from Emirate Airlines President himself, Sir Tim Clark. Hence the name, Emirates invitation only.

What’s in a membership?

The invitation only Emirates Skywards membership is valid for a total of two years and the membership naturally comes with a whole host of incredible perks.

When you receive this special email from Sir Tim Clark, you are also presented with an iO Relationship Manager who will essentially be ready at your beck and call for any of your flight needs, day or night.

Did your flight land and the journey to the terminal requires a bus ride? Well, with iO you will be greeted on the tarmac with your own personal chauffeur driver who will take you to the gate.

Craving a dish before your flight? No worries, simply call up your relationship manager and request a specific meal. The meal request will be sent to the Emirates Senior Vice President of Airport Catering and handled by them personally.

If the flight that you’re looking to book is full and you need to get on the flight, contact your relationship manager and your flight should be taken care of.