Striking looking hoardings spotted…

Fun fact for you: bowling, in one form or another, dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt. That is, of course, a Pharao time ago but we know it’s true because, during excavations in the North African desert, archeologists uncovered drawings of a rudimentary bowling game in a tomb that’s over 5,000 years old. No mention was made of whether any pairs of red-and-blue shoes were also discovered.

Pyramid schemes

With five millennia and counting under its belt, it’s safe to say, the bowling trend probably isn’t disappearing with a swift mechanical skittle lift any time soon. And bowling in its current, 10-pin format – is a particularly popular pastime here in Dubai, especially over the summer months, where indoor air conditioned activities are right up most residents’ alleys.

This is how we roll

All of which means we get a little bit excited when a new way to spend our ‘spare time’ gets announced. And whilst we have a gutterball-embarrassingly poor level of actionable intel on the new bowling alley that looks like it will be landing Nakheel Mall ‘soon’, there are some fairly safe assumptions we can aim for.

Lane buddies

First, the name of the bowling attraction. The hoarding seems to suggest it will be called ‘Ground Control’. That name, along with the star shapes incorporated in the design, suggest a space theme (fingers crossed for neon glow bowling); and we know the location – right next to the Vox Cinemas in what used to be a mini foodhall.

Yep, we walked around a mall, spotted some hoarding and lept to some conclusions. That’s all the journalism (conjecture) you’re getting from us on this at the moment. We don’t know when it’s opening, whether there will be an arcade attached, or whether it will be licensed. As soon as we find out, we’ll let you know. Until then, we’re putting a pin in it.

7 – 10 split

Although, if you’re looking for some ‘pin-spiration’ (ok that’s absolutely the last pun) right now, allow us to direct you to some of the city’s other popular bowling-holes. And if you’re looking for fun in some the city’s other malls, we also have a round-up of some of the most exciting retail palace adventures that don’t involve shopping.

Images: What’s On archive