The Dubai Ruler sure does have a way with words…

Little ones heading back to school today? HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai took to social media platform X (previously, Twitter) to share a few words of advice and wisdom.

His message on the social media platform states, ‘Tomorrow the new academic year begins. More than a million students begin their annual education journey. A beautiful spirit of positivity and dynamism will spread in our homeland with the return of our schools.’

He shared his advice to students in the form of a poetry: ‘How much does the country rise above. On the papers of your notebooks you write down its glories. And from your classrooms its achievements rise. And according to your dreams, it magnifies its future.’

The Dubai Ruler states that the future of the homeland is in the children’s hands and wishes them success and God’s protection as they begin the new academic year.

Most children are returning back to school today on Monday, August 28. According to Emirates News Agency WAM, over 290,000 students are ready to join new academic year in public schools.

For parents with little ones heading back to school, here’s are some important dates for your diary.*

Dubai private schools starting academic year in September

August 28: First day of academic year 2023-2024

September 29: Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday (tentative date)

October 23 to 27: Half term

December 1: Commemoration day

December 11 to January 2, 2024: Winter break

March 25 to April 15, 2024: Spring break

June 17 to 18: Eid Al Adha (tentative date)

June 28: End of academic year

Dubai private schools starting academic year in April

July 3 to August 28: Summer break

December 11 to January 2: Winter break

March 1 to March 31: Schools can close any day between these dates for the end of academic year

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April 1: Start of academic year

July 4 to August 26: Summer break

December 16 to January 3: Winter break

*It is worth noting that schools are allowed some flexibility with the calendar providing they complete the minimum number of school days (188 days for the Ministry of Education (MoE) curriculum and 182 days for international curriculum).

Images: WAM