Ensure you pledge…

Have some black points on your drivers license you want removed? This is your chance. The Federal Traffic Council have announced an initiative called ‘A day without accidents’ which will reward drivers for not committed a violation or accident on Monday, August 28.

August 28 was selected as it is the start of the new academic year. Through the initiative, the Council aims to spread motivation among drivers to actively avoid accidents and traffic violations.

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Be sure to sign up for the pledge here. By agreeing to the pledge, you will agree to:

  1. Leave a safe distance with the vehicle in front of you
  2. Give way to pedestrians crossing the road
  3. Use your seatbelt
  4. Respect the speed limit
  5. Not use handheld mobile phones while driving
  6. Give way to emergency, police and public service vehicles or official convoys

Brigadier General Engineer Hussain Ahmed Al Harthy, Chairman of the Federal Traffic Council, explained that the initiative serves as ‘an encouragement to the public and a reminder of the importance of this day as a public occasion that is invested to enhance awareness and spread the culture of Awareness and traffic safety for all.’

Al Harthy invites all drivers to participate in the campaign and to adhere by traffic instructions which ‘which must be a sustainable commitment and a general approach’. He confirmed that those who participate will be rewarded by having four black traffic points registered on them deducted.

He continued his statement stating that the Council and other authorities are working in a unified work system aimed at achieving the vision of the United Arab Emirates. Together, the authorities hope that the the ‘day without accidents’ will be a continued effort ‘to achieve the vision of the wise leadership of the country and the goals of sustainable development.’


Images: Getty Images