We’re giving you one more reason to be happy you stayed in town this summer…

Capitalites,  if you thought food delivery was the only magic carpet in town, think some more. Chuck and Frida now at Yas Mall, is ready to teleport you around the world to enjoy a throng of tasty food and drink like few other places in the capital do.

The popular Slovak brand is quite the food hall here in Abu Dhabi, housing several roofs under one to cater to the hungry, the thirsty and the in-betweeners. Despite its European undertone, the business places special focus on the discovery of flavours from around the world.

Regal Burger

Images: Instagram

To greet rumbling tummies, Regal Burger’s focus is on freshness and flavour, with freshly-baked brioche buns flanking Angus beef and topped off with fresh veggies, house-made sauces and seasonings. For those looking for variety, you’ll find it here, with hand-battered crispy chicken patties and plant-based options also promising to pack a punch.

Cuppa Joe Café

It’s no secret that we at What’s On can never have too much coffee, so we’re especially excited to share that Cuppa Joe Café will pour you a powerful cuppa java with flat whites, espressos and chai lattes being only a few of their specialty offerings.

Poké  Bistro

We’re sure your interest’s been Pokéd by now, and if it hasn’t yet, the Poké Bistro’s healthy host of colourful bowls will have you enjoying taste and flavour minus any guilt. Sushi rice, fresh veggies, miso soup and gyoza dumplings come to you on a platter, kicking with unmissable flavour.


We began this post with a mention of street food, and we’re not known to disappoint. If authentic Vietnamese street food is what you’re after, Banh-mi-ba is a fast-casual dining option that brings you brilliant baguettes, universal favourite Pho, and various rice and noodle dishes, garnished with herbs for incredible taste.

Street Food

Since you’re staying in town this summer, Street Food steers the magic carpet across the globe, with cheese-curd infused Canadian poutine, Times Squaresque hot dogs and Italian meatballs ready to serve. Better yet, the menu is expected to evolve as the weeks go by.

All that writing has worked up an appetite, and we’re sure reading can’t have made it any easier for you. Now that you’re here, head on over to Yas Mall so you can stay cool, tuck in and eat in the moment.

Chuck & Frida, Yas Mall, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. Get a better glimpse at @chuck_and_frida_uae