Get ready to be a spider monkey…

Are you looking to put your athletic abilities to the test? Perhaps you’re trying to break the ice on your fitness journey. Then this is the perfect opportunity for you. The Ice Warrior Challenge is back at Ski Dubai for the 14th edition of the race this September.


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In the previous editions, the huge commando-assault course had 22 to 24 different challenges with obstacles such as monkey bar swings, tyre runs and net crawls. And remember, this all takes place in below-minus temperatures.

This year the course will feature 20 obstacles, where the assault course is a total distance of three and a half kilometres of track that is chocked full of net crawls, ice water pools and more.

Participants between the ages of 15 and 60 can take part, early bird tickets are priced at Dhs210, regular price  Sign up here. As in previous years, the challenges will be categorised based on four different fitness levels, including an elite category for individuals with high fitness levels who can complete the course in less than 25 minutes.

All participants will receive a certificate, medal, refreshments and a t-shirt – after they complete the race, of course.

Come dressed in normal sports gear, soft sole shoes and gloves with a grip. Carry a spare change of clothes as you will get wet during the race. You’ll be provided with a helmet before you start the race.

No spectators will be permitted in the venue, however, if you’ve got supporters, they can sip on a hot chocolate at North 28 cafe in the mall as they watch you through the windows that look out onto the ski park.

Ice Warrior Challenge, Ski Dubai, Mall of the Emirates, September 24, from 6.30am timings vary on categories.

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