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The UAE’s journey of transcendence into a culinary superpower has been a swift and poetic story to watch unfold. With the cream of the world’s cheffing talent setting up shop in the country, and the inspiring tales of homegrown cuisine scene heroes bringing home internationally-recognised accolades – the UAE has, by every measure, established itself as an immutably important epicentre of global gastronomy.

Of course, the ultimate aim for any UAE success story is to grow beyond the nation’s borders and put roots down in other geographical hubs of kitchen excellence. Brands like Saddle Café – known for its pistachio milkshake – whose own rise to prominence began in a humble food truck and blossomed into a network of 13 thriving locations across the country.

Saddling up for adventure

Saddle’s collection of iconic equestrian-themed cafés are a celebration of Emirati heritage, featuring the highest quality specialty coffees, traditional warm Arabian hospitality and a chic unique design aesthetic that straddles worlds old and new.

It’s only natural that their next steps would be carrying the banner forward onto the world stage, and they’ve picked an appropriately venerated GPS pin drop for the first foothold of international empire. The first Emirati café in France, Saddle Café Cannes opened on August 11 along the Cote D’Azure – a true Mediterranean jewel, steeped in timeless allure, and screen glamour, a forever holiday home for the on-trend jet set and discerning culture connoisseurs.

Saddle’s visionary founder, Mr. Mohamed Al Falasi, a Dubai native, encapsulated his excitement for the move saying “Saddle’s France opening brings the UAE’s rich culture, hospitality, culinary excellence, and specialty coffee onto a global stage. This international expansion is a testament to Saddle’s wide appeal, and we are honored to share our tradition with the world.”

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that Saddle Café’s gastronomic ambassadorship isn’t limited to a single outpost. Locations in the foodie crucibles of London (planned for September) and Riyadh (October) also beckon.

The secret to Saddle’s popularity

There’s no big mystery behind Saddle’s success. The menu bursts with diversity and nuance, spearheaded by mastered breakfast classics like avocado on toast, wholesome homemade granola and pistachio milkshake. They’re also known for their specialty coffees crafted from top-tier beans, available as both hot and cold brews.

And then there’s the art. Adding to the excitement of the new French outlet, Saddle is engaged in a collaboration with celebrated Emirati artist, Mattar Bin Lahej. Probably best known for his distinctive calligraphy that adorns the Museum of the Future, Bin Lahej is set to infuse each Saddle Café outlet with an exclusive art piece, intertwining culinary artistry with visual brilliance for an unparalleled experience. Truly exemplifying how Emirati elements are working together, to show the world the true beauty of UAE culture.

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