It’ll cost Dhs36,000 for your pet to join the jet set…

Some dogs were just never meant to fly economy. We’re looking specifically at you, Spaniels.

And if you’ve got a particularly regal beagle, bougie basset hound or red setter that wouldn’t be caught dead turning right – K9 Jets has the solution. A private jet charter service for you and your Gucci pooch.

K9 Jets is a British aviation company, and they already fly from the UK to multiple international destinations (including New York(ie) though sadly not, Pugina Faso). The news that we’re celebrating here is for the airline’s first Middle Eastern link up, flying the Dubai – UK route.

Ticket holders will be able to emBARK at the private jet terminal in Al Maktoum International Airport. The inaugural flight takes off from the UAE on September 26, and will land in Farnborough. Missed a trick there, should have been Barking.

Spaniel’s leaving tonight on a plane

The price for this trip? USD9,925 (about Dhs36,454) – which might sound like a lot, but even if there’s ruff air turbulence you’re still guaranteed to have no screaming children, and it’s much too far for WALKIES.

That, just shy of USD10K gets you a seat for one passenger and a space in the cabin for your mile-high mastiff. The Dubai – London route will operate throughout 2023 and 2024 with departure dates available to book from December to January, then in April, July, and September. A full timetable with further dates is expected shortly, and if there’s the demanf for it, they’ll unLeash more dates. You can book now on the website.

Some airlines do allow small dogs to travel in the cabin, though this isn’t a given. And pet owners with larger charges often have to stow their doggos in cargo or as excess baggage.

Pups on a plane

If you’re wondering what airCRUFTS your pet can expect, we can confirm that K9 jets uses a fleet of Gulfstream G-IVSP heavy jets (mostly operated by Pegasus Elite Aviation).

Talking about the new route Adam Golder, Co-Founder, K9 JETS commented: “We’re thrilled to be launching the inaugural Dubai to London K9 JETS flight this month. To date, we have flown over 220 happy jet-setting pets and their owners on international flights from destinations including Paris, London, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Lisbon. Our newly introduced Dubai route is our maiden flight in the Middle East and we’re looking forward to expanding our network to include routes farther East to Asia, Australia and beyond in 2024.”

Border (collie) control

Aside from any visas that may be required for the owner, the UK government requires passengers on the flight to provide all relevant medical certification for their pets.

In the PJ, your pup doesn’t have to be caged and can sit on your lap, but they must be leashed at all times. Check-in goes down at a deluxe private terminal in Al Maktoum International Airport, there’s a welcome team and grassy area for any last ’emergency exits, here, here and here’ before jumping on the flight.

If you are a Brit living in Dubai with a dog, and are preparing to move back home, this might be the perfect way to say farewell. They are man’s best friend after all.

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