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Sultan Al Neyadi is the man of the moment. One of the pioneering space racers from the UAE, alongside Hazza Al Mansouri, the astronaut has spent the past few months at a rather mind-blowing location – the International Space Station in outer space.

After completing the longest Arab space mission in history, Al Neyadi is slated to return homeward on Sunday, September 3, having completed six monumental months aboard the ISS.

For all of us here on terra firma eagerly awaiting to welcome him home with bated breath, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre has announced that his return will be live-streamed.

Starting from the unlocking of the Dragon Spacecraft, which will carry AlNeyadi and his fellow Crew-6 members from the ISS to the touchdown, viewers will be able to catch all the big moments as they happen in real-time.

The itinerary

The coverage begins on Sunday, September 2, and will kick off at 3pm, with the undocking of the spacecraft to take place at 5.05pm.

On the second day, which is when he lands, coverage will start at 8.30am with the splashdown scheduled for no earlier than 8.58am. All the time stamps have been set according to local timings.

You can tune into the live stream at

Making history

Sultan Al Neyadi’s space mission, having been followed closely and very eagerly by those at home, has charted itself into the history books of UAE’s space exploration endeavours. The communications engineer was chosen as one of the first two Emirati astronauts and since then, has been making waves.

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Al Neyadi entered space for the first time in March 2023. Aside from completing the longest Arab space mission as part of NASA’s crew rotation flight, the SpaceX Crew-6, he also successfully completed the first Arab spacewalk on April 28, 2023 conducted over 200 scientific experiments and engaged in over 1000 hours of space operations.

We wish him a safe homecoming!

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