It’s OK not to feel OK right now, but it can help to speak to someone…

If you’ve been feeling consumed with negativity, grief or guilt over the past few weeks, please know that you are not alone. With an ongoing conflict, that feels particularly close, directly affecting many members of our community here – the emotional shockwaves are understandably hitting the region hard.

This collective pain can be a cause for us to rally, to contribute with time or funds (for more information on how you can do that, visit our guide to the hows and wheres), and to hug our own family that little bit tighter.

But if the impact of these feelings is manifesting in detrimental ways, it might be worth considering outside help, in order to process your emotions and use them in a constructive way. With this in mind, we’ve compiled six of the best mental wellness hubs in Dubai. There is no shame, in asking for help when you need it.

If you or someone you know needs extra assistance there is also a mental health hotline that you can call between 8am and 8pm: 800 4673.

Here are six mental health support services in Dubai.

LightHouse Arabia 

mental health support UAE Lighthouse Arabia

Founded in 2011 with the idea of making the region happier and healthier. This modern clinic offers a variety of sessions for adults, children and couples. The well-being centre offers a kind and caring approach to those seeking help. They outline what to expect from your first visit and help in making the process streamlined. Support groups are available for those who would prefer not to be alone. There is a variety of kinds of therapy available as well as mental health first aid which is an internationally recognised and evidence-based training that is equivalent to physical first aid, but for mental health.

The LightHouse Arabia, two branches in Al Wasl Jumeriah and Dubai Healthcare City. Tel: (0)4 380 2088,

Thrive Wellbeing Centre


Founded by Dr Sarah Rasmi, this JLT-based wellbeing centre offers expertise across a range of mental health-related fields. Some of these include fertility, addiction, grief, trauma and more. Thrive also has a maternal mental health unit that specialises in prenatal and postnatal mental health as well as offering support for children, including talk therapy art therapy and also play therapy.

Thrive Wellbeing Centre, HDS Tower 1, Cluster F, JLT, Dubai. Sun to Thu 9am to 8pm and Sat 10am to 6pm. Tel: (0)4 514 7386,, @thrivewellbeingcentre

American Wellness Center

Located in Healthcare City, this multi-speciality clinic offers a range of medical services. However, the clinic also has a plethora of mental health services that include online and face-to-face sessions in mindfulness training, rehabilitation, psychology and neuropsychology for both children and adults.

American Wellness Center, Block C. Ibn Sina Building #27, Healthcare City. Sat to Thur 8am to 9pm (0)4 514 4042,

Camali Clinic

Based across three locations, Camali offers support to children and adults in the UAE. Mental Health support services for adults include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, counselling, and programs for those with eating disorders. Check out their support groups and programmes for children between the ages of two and 19, as well as various adult programmes which take place at The Day Therapy Centre on a weekly and monthly basis. They have a branch in Abu Dhabi, too (Contact the team on 600-503 035)

Camali Clinic, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, Tel: (0)4 276 6064. Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, Tel:(0)4 276 6064.


Based in Barsha Heights, this clinic offers psychology and psychiatry services, alongside more traditional counselling options for both adults and children. They also have nutritional experts on staff and trained physiotherapy practitioners. Openminds work with a number of medical insurance providers so it’s always worth checking to see if you’re covered before you go.

Suite 902-905, Podium-4 (P4), The ONE Tower, Barsha Heights. Tel: (0)4 876 1444.

Reverse Psychology

Reverse Psychology mental health support UAE

A British-owned and managed community mental health support clinic with an international team that specialises in a variety of treatments. As well as a range of talking therapies they also offer cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Compassion focused therapy, psychodynamic and play therapy for children. They also offer online therapy as an innovative way of providing everybody with the same opportunities.

Reverse Psychology, Vila 573, Al Wasl Road, Al Safa, open Mon to Fri 9am to 7pm, Sat 10am to 3pm. Tel: (0)4 880 5007

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