Named the ‘World’s Best Clinic’ at the World Spa Awards…

The UAE is a magnet for top-end world-leading brands, and one of the industries that has seen real recent massaging in its numbers – is the wellness sector. Here, big names on the international scene, alongside homegrown holistic heroes, have introduced exciting new concepts, and a pantheon of premium pampering projects.

It was surely only a matter of time then, before SHA Wellness Clinic – recipient of more than 100 international awards this year, and named the ‘World’s Best Clinic’ by the World Spa Awards – made an appearance on the UAE circuit.

And we won’t have to wait too long. The brand announced that its regional expansion, SHA Emirates would be arriving in the UAE with a 2024-25 estimated completion date. Other than that we don’t have much information. Not on where in the country it will be based, or what services and treatments will be available. More news on all of that as we get it.


The original SHA was established in 2008 and is located in a picturesque clutch of land between the Sierra Helada Natural Park and the Bay of Altea in Alicante, Spain.

It draws wellness tourists from all over the globe offering pioneering integrative medicine specialising in the fields of genetics, and anti-aging.

The SHA health programmes are tailored to the specific needs of each guest and include quite the list of celebrity endorsements including names such as Barbara Streisand, Donna Karan, Olivier Rousteing, Naomi Campbell, Kylie Minogue and Monica Belucci.

Treatment comes in the form of “nutrition plans, natural therapies, preventative and anti-ageing regenerative medicine, cognitive stimulation, inner balance, natural therapies, non-invasive aesthetic medicine, fitness disciplines, and healthy lifestyle skills”.

Talking about the principles at the core of SHA, Vice President Alejandro Bataller (son of the founder) said: “our main objective has always been to act as a turning point in the lives of our guests and have always been focused on achieving the best results, first and foremost. All that we have ever asked is that they dedicate at least seven days of their lives to us and in return, we gift them with a positive, significant, and lasting change to their health and wellbeing – this is our promise to them.’

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