A pool day we can all get excited for…

It’s time to get excited. The weather is cooling down, and all of our favourite beach clubs and pools are reopening – terraces are no longer covered and it is well and truly the season for topping up tans, where better to do so than at Terra Solis?

That’s right season fans – after the retreat location closed for the summer, Terra Solis has announced they will reopen in Dubai this Saturday, November 4. This means you can finally scramble back into your cars, get your favourite tunes blaring (ours would be a mix of afrobeats and Harry Styles) and cruise down the highway, with your head out the sunroof for a cheeky daycation or staycation escape.

Look to your right and you won’t see the Hollywood sign, but you will see the Terra Solis sign perched ever so gently on those dunes. Camels and the expanse of the desert surround you as you arrive at the Tomorrowland oasis.

An opening party like no other


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Unveiling The Amare Stage and getting the Terra Solis Dubai season reopen will be none other than Agents of Time. They will be performing a three-hour set and will be supported by Kwen, Aaryon, Jio and Danz, and Quilliam.

Agents of time are an electronic musical group who have performed all over the world. From Ibiza to Berlin, Brazil and beyond. Their music can only be described as melodic and transient with free-flowing techno vibes.

The opening party will take place from 6pm onwards and you can already book your spot.

Looking to stay?

If you want to check in and spend a few nights at the venue, reservations are now open from November 11, and rooms start from Dhs2,249.

Terra Solis, Dubai Heritage Vision, Exit 39, Jebel Ali Lehbab Road, Dubailand, opening Saturday November 4. Tel: (0)4 456 1956 terrasolisdubai.com @terrasolisdubai

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