Alas, this is where dreams turn into nightmares…

Penned by William Shakespeare – one of the greatest English writers the world has ever known, Macbeth, or the ‘Scottish Play’ (as it’s usually referred to in the thespian community) is arguably one of the playwright’s greatest tragedies. And all the violence, tyranny, deceit, and the pricking of thumbs are going to Dubai Opera-way-come, for a three-night run this November.

To freshen things up for the modern audience, the on-stage spectacle will feature a contemporary reframing of the literary classic.

Macbeth Dubai Opera

This particular production is directed by Richard Twyman, and comes to Dubai with the support of the English Touring Theatre, Shakespeare North Playhouse, Northern Stage and Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg. Ticket holders should expect to see a live autopsy of the insidious nature of ambition, of the darkness that lies within us all, of conspiracy and the “daggers in men’s smiles”.

The plot

Macbeth Dubai Opera

Macbeth follows the rise and foul-play of a power-hungry husband and wife combo – the Macbeths, who are willing to do anything it takes, including regicide, to secure professional promotion to kingship, justified on the seductive logic that Fair is Foul, and Foul is Fair. Which, thinking about it, is a great line to use the next time you lean in for the last slice of a shared pizza.

But, it turns out murder isn’t as simple as getting the job done, and soon things quickly descend into chaos born from the blood of guilt and cryptic prophecy. Botched cover-ups and more ruthless crimes follow, bouts of delusion and deceit ensue and the murderous duo end up lamenting that “what’s done, cannot be undone”.

If this wasn’t enough to drive the Macbeths to the edge, the green shoots of revolution begin to sprout when the ruled public finally decide that they no longer want to accept the brutality of the Macbeth dynasty and at last, decide to fight back against the endless cycle of darkness, violence and corruption.

Macbeth Dubai Opera

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Despite being more than 400-years-old, the story of Macbeth still resonates today, because it deals in perennial human frailties, on primal desires and toxic relationships.

Like other performances you might have seen at the Dubai Opera, Macbeth will use a slew of modern technology to create its eerie scenes. From projections, video feeds, strobe lights, and more, paired with the elegant set designs, the spectacle about to unfold is sure to thrill.

Show times

There are four shows at Dubai Opera this month, from 8pm on November 3 and 4, and matinee shows at 3pm on November 4 and 5.

The performance is two and a half hours long and includes an intermission. Ticket prices per person start from Dhs200 for silver and go up to Dhs550 for VIP.

Dubai Opera, Downtown Dubai, Nov 3 to 5, from Dhs200. Tel: (0)4 440 8888.

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