Your Christmas shopping done, from the comfort of your sofa…

Looking to avoid the queues and crowds while getting your shopping done this season? Did you know you can access all of the stores at Mall of the Emirates with just the touch of a button?

The mall has launched a digital concierge service that allows you to shop at an array of 350 fashion, beauty, home, tech, and culinary stores without leaving the comfort of your home. Via an around-the-clock WhatsApp digital concierge service, you can pick out items, purchase them, and have them delivered to you within four hours.

Whether you’re picking up a last-minute outfit, buying presents for your nearest and dearest as the festive season approaches, or just looking to get your hands on household items without leaving your pad, this digital concierge is here to make shopping at Mall of the Emirates an effortless experience.

How it works

Start your chat with the Mall of the Emirates digital concierge on WhatsApp.

You’ll need to tell them what items you’re looking for, so have photos and information ready. The more details you have, the quicker they’ll be able to locate your items, so you should also try and have the product codes handy. With each item, specify the size and colour, and then the digital concierge will check with the store for availability.

They’ll ask any further questions they might have on style or size, and once you’re happy they’ve found what you were looking for, then you just confirm via the WhatsApp chat.

You can shop all your items from one store, or have the digital concierge pick up items from all over the mall, just as you would if you were there yourself.

To purchase your item, you’ll be sent a payment link through the chat. As soon as its paid, delivery can be made within four hours, with your items all arriving neatly packaged and wrapped in tissue paper and a box. So, if you’ve been shopping for gifts, then your item will arrive pretty much ready to go.

Happy shopping…