Sponsored: Get ready to push yourself to the limit in just over a week…

Mere days remain until the 2023 Spartan World Championship hosted by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, as hardbodied gladiators are set to descend on the Al Wathba desert for Abu Dhabi’s own Spartan night race.

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For the third time in the capital and on only the second occasion in the sprawling Al Wathba desert, powered-up performers will arrive to put out a breathtaking blend of strength, endurance, speed and time, as they get thrown through the paces for a true ‘survival of the fittest’ endeavour that will have the competititon’s elite vying for victory.

While seasoned athletes head to the elite races, the Open Heats offer everyone an opportunity to get involved in the Spartan way of life, regardless of ability. Register here to show ’em what you’ve got, and get in on a potentially life-altering fitness quest.

This year’s edition in Abu Dhabi will see the bar being set even higher, with the introduction of a gruelling 3km obstacle course and the inaugural night race, both of which are set to bring the heat to the capital on day one of the Championship.

When you’re done scaling the peak of endurance glory, competitors and spectators alike can enjoy free entry into Abu Dhabi’s own annual family and cultural spectacle, the Sheikh Zayed Festival, over the first two nights of the event.

If limit-crushing mental and physical endurance is your forte, or if you’d just like to see how it’s done, make your way down to the 2023 Spartan World Championship from December 8 to 10.

2023 Spartan World Championship, Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi, December 8 to 10, 5.30pm. @spartan

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