Fuss-free Japanese dining is at Huna Yas…

SLRP is surprisingly easy, and simultaneously hard to find. Tucked away into a corner of Yas Mall’s Huna Yas dining experience, the much-awaited ramen spot is almost lurking in the shadows, as are most eateries at Huna. But once you’re through the door, the neon sign is impossible to miss.

We’re admittedly excited to dine at SLRP, since its launch in the capital last month. From the minds behind Dubai’s multi-award winning 3Fils, come bowl after bowl of authentic Japanese specialties.


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We arrive having been briefed on some of the brand’s most eagerly anticipated dishes, including steaming bowls of ramen, sushi, hand-pulled noodles, wagyu sandos and other favourites. But we’re greeted with a more elaborate menu, with scores of interesting prospects to consider.

SLRP is simply one of the most relaxed dining spots you’ll find yourself at in Abu Dhabi. Huna Yas is welcoming, and the ideal detachment from the buzz of the mall. At SLRP, you don’t feel the pressures of being seated at a fancy fine dining spot, or eyeballs discreetly gaping as you dine. The vibe is fun, and the tables are spacious and comfortable. You could be here for a breather amid laps of retail therapy, or on your way back from the world’s fastest rollercoaster. And while you’re in the company of multiple brands, you’re never too far away from the shadow, and the flavours, of the SLRP banner.

Is SLRP ‘quick service’? Perhaps in terms of how fast your food is served, but certainly not in terms of its quality. You get the multi-tiered, elaborate dining experience you came for, except it all arrives at your table in fast-food time. The duality is truly enjoyable. The staff are prompt, fun and attentive, ready to help with recommendations and quick to serve up popular favourites. We’re presented paper bibs with signature SLRP branding and illustrations once we order the Miso bowl, and amused as we are, we’re quick to realise their functionality when the steaming bowls arrive.

We kick things off with a crispy handful of their triple cooked chips (Dhs14), generous strips of fried potato that almost resemble fried pickles. Served with barbecue sauce and garlic mayo, we’re tempted to dip and dab, but the potatoes are fragrant and demand a bite on their own. Connoisseurs of anything in the French-fry family will savour these, with crispy potato skins on the outer and soft, finely-cooked inners striking the perfect balance to get your appetite on its way. For beverages, we’re recommended the Shikuwasa (Dhs38 for 200ml), a citrusy, ginger-infused punch that is surprisingly refreshing.

Once our sensory engines are activated, we order the avo maki roll (Dhs24), neat, refreshing rolls of avocado and cucumber that go a long way in beating the island weather, especially paired with a swig of the Shikuwasa. When we decide to unravel SLRP’s seafood specialties, we opt for the classic salmon sashimi (Dhs46), signature silkiness lacing every bite. The portion sizes seem just right, and while we’re sufficiently refuelled, we’re not incapacitated. To just about wrap things up, we’re served the spicy miso (Dhs88), packed with flavour, generous amounts of ramen and strong hints of seafood, with clam and fish soup firing up the flavour. Our server tempts us with a side of the cheesecake (Dhs48) and we’re quick to relent, with a lotus base, cream cheese, and New York-style strawberry-raspberry jam proving the ideal catalyst as the dessert is by far the fastest to disappear off our plates.

Verdict: If you’re on Yas Island, craving authentic Japanese specialties and don’t have the patience for a fine-dining style wait, SLRP is your answer. 

SLRP Ramen, Huna, Yas Mall, Yas Island, 12pm to 11.30pm daily. @slrp.ramen