The NCM has issued a weather alert…

The nation’s umbrella retailers will be mentally raising the alert level to DRIZZCON 1 this morning following the latest forecast from the UAE’s National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

There’s more rain inbound from west, and according to a weather alert from the NCM is likely to hit coastal areas, including Dubai at some point on the afternoon of Friday, November 24, and a strong possibility it will continue into the weekend. Good news for those taking part in the Dubai run, significantly less great if you were planning a pool day.


Accompanying the meteorological glow down – there will be associated cool down for temps, with coastal lows expected to hit chilly 15ºC.  That might sound positively balmy to the inhabitants of northern Europe right now, but I can borderline guarantee there will be faux fur coats on the JBR this weekend.

And temperatures in the mountainous areas of the country will likely drop even further. The NCM recorded an 11.3ºC reading at a station located on Ras Al Khaimah’s Jebel Jais.

Will it rain for the Dubai Run?

The grand climax of the Dubai Fitness Challenge takes place this weekend, with the Dubai Run on the morning of Sunday November 26, effectively closing out the main roster of the organised mass events.

The outlook for getting those 5K outdoor PBs looks fair to mild, with friendly ambient air temps and dew points and just a chance of light rain.

And if it does rain, and you’re not used to driving in rain, the Dubai Police have put together some tips on how to not endanger your own life as well as all others around you. Spoiler alert, it does not include the instruction “drive faster”.

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