Enjoy easy access at Abu Dhabi’s one-stop solution for government services…

The latest version of Abu Dhabi’s own digital platform, ‘TAMM’, now lets you access over 700 services across 33 Abu Dhabi Government entities. These include services in the identity, nationality, residencies, citizenship and visa services domains.


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The residency section outlines your journey and eligibility to obtain golden residency in the UAE as well as nomination for Abu Dhabi residents, amendment of residency files, issuance of new residencies and identity cards, residency services for domestic workers and more. For citizens, prime features include issuance and renewal of Emirates IDs and passports, and opening a sponsorship file among other services. Under Identity Documents, you can manage birth certificates, birth notifications and age estimation certificates. You can also effortlessly pay your phone bills, Darb, Salik and more on the app.

Additionally, businesses can access services in areas relating to energy, education, healthcare, tourism, culture, entrepreneurship and more.

In case you missed it, this follows our recent piece on delivery and installation of vehicle plates for light and heavy vehicles, and even for bicycles, now being available electronically via TAMM with steps you can complete online including the submission of your request, fee payment and delivery scheduling.

In addition to being Abu Dhabi’s one-stop solution for government services, TAMM also aids the UAE’s sustainability vision by digitising services and minimizing paper usage.

For the full list of services, visit the website here.

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