New rider-friendly rules have just been announced by the ITC…

Abu Dhabi’s Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) has just announced that public transport buses will now follow a unified fare structure, with riders not needing to pay the base fare of Dhs2 multiple times – under certain conditions outlined as part of the decision. These stipulate that your switch should happen in ‘a reasonable amount of time’ (further details yet to be disclosed), that there should not be over two changes done, and that it only applies as long as you’re travelling in the same direction.

All buses in the capital city will now follow a base fare of Dhs2 for both city and residential zones, with an added charge of 5 fils per kilometre covered on the ride. The maximum fare a rider will pay, however, is set to be capped at Dhs5 as part of the new structure.

This means that if you need to switch buses to get to your destination, you won’t be charged the base Dhs2 fare multiple times, with the cost being calculated from the point of boarding to the location you’re dropped off at.

Riders can use their wallet-friendly, green-and-white Hafilat transport cards as usual.