Episode 2: Reborn in Dubai powered by What’s On, with guest Paris Norriss AKA Guy in Dubai…

This week our podcast slips on a rucksack, checks the wind direction, and keeps one eye on the horizon as we sit British adventurer, entrepreneur, danger-chaser and TV personality, Paris Norriss in the guest seat, to find out what happened after he was ‘Reborn in Dubai’.

Paris goes deep on what brought him to the UAE; the inspiration behind Guy in Dubai; why he’s so drawn to peril; the things you have to keep in mind before rowing across the Pacific; why Dubai seems to attract a disproportionate quantity of pioneers; whether we’ll ever get a Guy in Space; and he has some wise words for aspiring future business moguls and frontier-courters. It’s an inspirational discussion, about the benefits of dreaming big, pushing boundaries, never giving up and what happens when you focus on what you’re passionate about.

You can keep up with Paris’ adventures on his Instagram account @parisnorriss

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