Start 2024 off on a happy note…

Abu Dhabi’s Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) has announced that motorists in the city will be able to enjoy free parking (Mawaqif) on New Year’s Day. If you plan to use the Mussafah M-18 truck parking lot, you can avail of free parking there too. You can also use the Darb toll gates free of charge.

That said, we’re still expected to park only in regular designated areas, while parking in residential areas is also only permitted between the hours of 9pm and 8am.

As well, it is worth noting that Customer Happiness Centres will remain closed on January 1, although you can still avail of certain services on the TAMM app, on the Darb and Darbi apps and ITC services via their call centre on 800 850, which will all be available round-the-clock. City taxis are also available and you can book them on 600 53 53 53 as usual.

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