Abu Dhabi’s culinary ambitions are about to touch new heights…

On the back of several tremendous achievements in the culinary sector, Abu Dhabi is in no mood to stop anytime soon.

Following a successful Michelin Guide Food Festival from December 8 to 10 at Louvre Park and the announcement earlier this year of Chef Alain Ducasse’s culinary studio institute setting up shop in Abu Dhabi, it’s just come to our attention that Le Cordon Bleu, another hulking name on the global culinary scene, will be laying its roots at The Grove on Saadiyat in early 2025.

The Paris-based cooking school will redefine the delivery of world-class culinary education in the region, coming to the capital in the 130th year since its inception. Offering higher education at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, the classrooms at Le Cordon Bleu have spawned renowned names in the culinary space such as Julia Childs, Peggo Porschen, Gaston Acurio and Virgilio Martinez.

Abu Dhabi is eagerly awaiting the official opening of Alain Ducasse’s institute, set for a launch later this month as part of a culinary investment of close to Dhs360 million with an ambitious, strategic foresight driving the initiative.

Watch this space as more details emerge…

Media: Instagram, unsplash