Don’t try this at home…

XDubai have pulled off some pretty epic stunts. From Burj Khalifa base jumps to skydive swoops under the Sheikh Zayed Road bridge, they’ve had us on the edge of our seats with their jaw-dropping, gravity-defying array of mesmerising feats.

But their latest stunt might just be the most incredible yet.

Teaming up with Red Bull UAE and 3X World Wakeskate Champion, Brian Grubb, this time around the history-making stunt was a wakeskate base jump at the world’s highest infinity pool, Address Beach Resort.


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The post, which was also shared by Red Bull’s global Instagram page, was captioned ‘powered by #PradaLineaRossa,’ and on the official Red Bull page has been liked over half a million times. The feat saw Grubb armored up in custom Prada Linea Rossa performance gear, optimised for both wakeskating and Base jumping.

In the clip, wakeskate champion and daredevil Brian Grubb skates along the 94-metre, 77th floor infinity pool led by a drone, before dramatically jumping off a ramp that projects him over the side of the infinity pool edge. He then begins a dramatic freefall against the backdrop of the 293-metre tall Address Beach Resort, before launching his Red Bull parachute, and (thankfully) landing safely on the sand.

“I wanted to be the first person to do a combination Wakeskating switch into BASE jump and push myself to the highest level in my sports,” Grubb explained. “I’ve had this idea for seven years, and not a day goes by when I’m not thinking about it.”