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There are no shortcuts on the road to lasting peace in any conflict. This article, although it focuses on fashion – a disposable, trivial concept when weighed against the unimaginable suffering of people in Gaza – is intended to serve purely as a spotlight on the brands that are actively supporting those affected by the ongoing violence. And to highlight ways people in the UAE can contribute, show solidarity, or feel some degree of connection to what’s happening in the region.

The Giving Movement

Dominic Nowell-Barnes’ streetwear brand has always been about fashion with a conscience. Using sustainable practices, focusing on inclusivity and ethical manufacturing processes, and investing in projects that make a positive impact on the world. But as of October 2023, their donations have been focused on humanitarian aid for Palestine, with a portion of every item sold – going directly to initiatives in Gaza via charity partner Dubai Cares. If you’re looking for a fresh fit, it’s almost impossible to go wrong with their on-trend collections of activewear and leisurewear, but if we have to pick a favourite – the soft cotton oversized Palestine tees (Dhs349) are nothing short of iconic.


CPTN Shirts


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This homegrown dadcore brand is usually my first stop when the midlife crisis shirt wardrobe needs a re-up, but one of their most recent pieces – the Keffiyeh Watermelon print, resonates on a level far beyond the usual merry mix of tropical plants and psychedelic paisley blooms. They’re donating Dhs100 from the sale of each Dhs250 piece to Emirates Red Crescent, to help fund the ongoing relief efforts in Gaza.


Bee Yourself Habibi

These embroidered tees come proudly emblazoned with the watermelon, a powerful symbol of unity, defiance and solidarity first adopted in Palestine after their flag was banned in 1967. The fruit bears the national colours of Palestine – red, black, white and green and has now become an internationally recognised shorthand for support of the Gazan cause. Bee Yourself Habibi’s social media states that the profits from the sale of all their watermelon t-shirts (Dhs115 for adults) are being allocated to Tarahum for Gaza through the Emirates Red Crescent organisation.



Careem is not a company that’s afraid of diversifying its product portfolio. Whilst it started out with on-demand Lexus rides, it now offers app-hailed burgers, biryani, box couriering, bikes, bill payment, taxis, money transfers, and – yes, oversized Gaza support apparel. Their Tees for Gaza initiative (with stock updates daily) is serving up some surprisingly stylish humanitarian statements for Dhs100 (+Dhs8 for delivery/service fees). 100 per cent of the profits are going to Emirates Red Crescent for aid and relief in Palestine.




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Another fashion brand with a bouyant moral compass, the Activeist website states that the brand’s ambitions extend beyond supplying the world with flattering fits, it’s an organisation that reportedly celebrates the diversity in our community, and is laser focused on ensuring their business model is as sustainable as possible. Also, and more directly relevant to the subject of this article 20 per cent of proceeds of the sale of their Palestine tote range (Dhs75), go to Emirates Red Crescent to support people in Palestine.


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