The Directorate General of Traffic and Patrols has warned motorists against leaving their engines running…

Abu Dhabi Police has reminded motorists in the capital to turn off their vehicle engines, when they go to buy groceries, offer prayers, withdraw Dirhams from the ATM or complete tasks that seemingly will take ‘just a second’.

This seemingly harmless act of leaving your engine idling could have potentially dangerous consequences, such as increased emissions of carbon monoxide and other harmful gases.  Several motorists have also been spotted leaving their infants in their cars, with the engine running for extended periods of time, and worst of all, the last thing you’d want is for a video-game inspired crook to jump behind the wheel and set off with your four-wheeled friend.

Motorists are urged to turn their engines off when their vehicles are not in use, and to park their vehicles only in designated areas when they are out running errands. Failure to do so  could result in a Dhs500 fine.

Media: Instagram, What’s On archive, Unsplash