Ep6: Reborn in Dubai powered by What’s On with guest The Selfdrive Laughter Factory founder, Gail Clough…

POV: you’re a founder of a legendary comedy club. There has to be a lot of pressure to be a story-telling, charismatic, hilarious, barrel of non-stop LOLs 24-7. We can only account for a few idle hours on some, otherwise unremarkable, Monday morning – but Gail Clough, the creative mastermind behnd, and key ingredient to the marinade of, The Selfdrive Laughter Factory stand-up comedy phenomenon, was all that and more.

In this episode we find out about Gail’s memoir-worthy adventures before moving to Dubai; what it takes to keep the longest-serving comedy club in the region, fresh and funny; and hear a few incredibly juicy stories about some of the big-name comics that have visited the UAE. And if you think what we left in the edit is a bit edgy, you really should see what we had to leave on the cutting room floor. A huge thanks to Gail for joining us on the What’s On sofa, keeping us in stitches and for all the laughs she’s given Dubai over the decades.

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