Ep7: Reborn in Dubai powered by What’s On with guest Zuby…

Most of the guests we’ve had on the series have had some experience of being on one side of podcasts mic or the other in the past, but for our seventh episode of Reborn in Dubai, we booked in a true podcast virtuoso. Including his own show, Real Talk with Zuby – this oratory artist has appeared on around 500 podcasts including The Joe Rogan Experience (twice) and has hosted guest such as Elon Musk, Alex Hormozi, Douglas Murray, Matt Walsh, and Bret Weinstein.

He’s also a musician, with multiple hip hop albums in his back catalogue, a published author, philosopher, content creator with millions of followers across his social media platforms, Oxford University alumnus, public speaker and the CV continues – but, and of central interest to today’s episode, he’s a man of sought-out and considered wisdom. In the episode we get a snapshot of his formative influences, he shares his thoughts on Dubai and dispenses some great nuggets of advice, applicable to a variety of real world challenges. And he does all of that in less than 30 minutes. This is What’s On in discussion with @ZubyMusic

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