Sponsored: Both your palates and your palettes are about to become very happy…

Everyone’s invited to come by HuQQabaz on Saturday morning at 11, and enjoy a fiesta fired by flavour, colour and community, as the restaurant’s exciting new art breakfast is here to get your weekend off to a refreshing start.

The unique breakfast and painting workshop double-act gives you the opportunity to experience some of HuQQabaz’s finest breakfast options, as you fuel up on a selection of specials including brilliant sujuk scramble, hash brown benedict and avocado toast, to name only a few of what is about the bring the flavour to your weekend. Once you’ve polished off these incredible delights and revelled in their compelling taste, bust out a paintbrush or three, and dip, dab and find yourself on a stroke-filled odyssey that could well be your road to creating an artistic masterpiece.

While you unleash your creativity in a hands-on painting workshop equipped with easels, canvases and every shade and hue you could wish for, the dedicated space will strive to tap into your inner Picasso (or Da Vinci, or Van Gogh) in an experience tailored to all skill levels, so you can let your creativity unfold on the canvas. The art-tastic experience will also have you dabbling in a brand new skill-based experience, as you enjoy HuQQabaz’s culinary mastery while connecting and socialize with other budding artists and foodies in the community, as your creative and culinary ambitions intersect at this one-of-a-kind Saturday morning social.

HuQQabaz Dubai, Opp. Four Seasons Resort, Jumeirah Road, Jumeirah 2, Dubai, Saturdays at 11am, Dhs 180. Tel: 80047229. @huqqabazdubai