Connect with nature… 

If you’re the type of soul who loves the sounds of nature paired with the stretches and deep breathing techniques of yoga, then this session at The Green Planet is one you don’t want to miss.

On Saturday, January 27, a yin yoga and meditation session is taking place led by Core Direction which will teleport you to bliss. Now imagine pairing this with the 3,000 plants and animals in The Green Planet, and you are sure to go on a unique journey.

Guests will need to bring their mobile phones and headphones to get a close-up view of every movement. Don’t forget to also bring your yoga mats, towels and water.

Yoga at The Green Planet

The session lasts 60 minutes starting from 8.30am but you will need to arrive at least by 8am so you’re all settled in by the time the session actually begins. It will cost you Dhs149 per person.

Want a deeper connection?

If you’re yearning for a further connection with nature and animals, guests can opt to meet the different animals as part of the biodome’s exclusive animal encounters. There’s Lemon the sloth, Kendrick the lemur, Thatcher the anteater, blue and bold Macaws, umbrella cockatoos and more.

These experiences help play a therapeutic role improving mental health and overall well-being, and will help you dwell a deeper appreciation for the natural world. Prices start from Dhs300 for these experiences.

Can’t make it to the actual venue? You can register and stay at home and follow the yoga instructor in the comfort of your own home via a virtual session.

For more information to book your spot for Yoga at the Rainforest (virtual or at The Green Planet), visit

Yoga in the Rainforest, The Green Planet Dubai, City Walk, Dubai, Sat, Jan 27, ticket priced at Dhs149 per person, Tel: (800) 7699, @thegreenplanetdubai

Images: The Green Planet