A word of caution for motorists…

The National Centre of Meteorology has issued red and yellow alerts for fog and mist over several parts of the country. The fog warnings have been issued for areas primarily in and around Abu Dhabi, extending to the South and in parts of Al Ain.

Conditions of low visibility have persisted over Abu Dhabi and Dubai for the past few days, especially in the early mornings, as is usually with winters in the country. Hazy weather was reported on Sheikh Zayed Road, prior to the issuing of the alert.

The NCM has also said that light rain is predicted to fall on Saturday night through to Sunday over the Northern Emirates, with humid temperatures in the evening in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Motorists have been advised to stay alert as they make use of the roads in these adverse conditions. Low visibility can be stressful for the driver, and one must stay cautious with speed. Speed limits have been temporarily reduced on several roads.

The Abu Dhabi Police has said on social media channels that systems have been activated to reduce the speed limits to 80 km/h on the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road, Hamim Road, Al Ain-Abu Dhabi Road and the Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed International Road.

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Make sure to keep up to date with the changing speed limits and stay safe on the roads out there!


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