We solemnly swear they’re up in our hood…

Joining the list of actors making their way to Comic-Con in Abu Dhabi this February, the famous Weasley twins (muggle names, James and Oliver Phelps) are on their way.

Fred (James) and George (Oliver) Weasley, proud owners of the Weasley Wizard Wheezes joke shop in Diagon Ally are taking a pause in the entrepreneurial world to head to the capital to talk all things nostalgia, Quiddich and troublemaking.

In the muggle world

The Phelps brothers are best known for their portrayal of the twins however they have also gone on to work on a long list of short films. As well as voice their beloved characters in video games.

Quirky in character and out, the twins allegedly (according to fandom lore) used to learn each other’s lines and swap characters just to play pranks on the directors and fellow cast members.

The iconic duo will be at the convention on Saturday, February 10 and Sunday, February 11.

Joining them at Comic-Con

Also making their way to Comic-Con is the iconic Straw Hat Pirates’ Captain, Monkey D. Luffy, from Netflix’s Live-Action hit series, One Piece.  The voice behind incredible characters including Garfield, Transformers’ Megatron and Scooby Doo, Frank Welker. Temuera Morrison, the Star Wars icon who has played both Boba Fett and Jango Fett and countless other incredible comic characters including Mark Brooks, Carlo Pagulatan and more. 

The Middle East Film & Comic Con has been running for a whopping 12 years celebrating all the things that make our geeky hearts melt. We’re talking manga, comics (duh), collectables, film, TV and everything else in between.

This year the convention aims to create an even more magical (pun intended) experience for fans in the capital with attractions, where revellers can meet their favourite stars, immerse themselves in local and regional artists and a gaming arena where you can level up and battle it out in tournaments and daily challenges.

Comic-Con, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre,  from February 9 to 11, tickets from Dhs145. mefcc.com

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