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As we welcome the height of winter in Dubai, the best possible way to combat the seasonal chill is with a bowl of immune-boosting Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup from Vietnamese Foodies.

Good for the soul

Originating in Northern Vietnam in the early 20th century, Pho has evolved into a flavorful blend of rice noodles, thinly sliced beef or chicken, and an assortment of herbs and bean sprouts.

At Vietnamese Foodies, there is a commitment to authenticity that shines through in their 14-hour bone broth— that is a labour of love which extracts flavours from a range of delicious spices and herbs. This slow-cooked elixir is not just a soup; it’s a wholesome, soulful winter dish, perfect for strengthening your immunity and supporting gut health during the winter months.

In a season where we’re all talking about “the flu going around,” the broth becomes a comforting remedy, that is rich in nutrients.

It’s more than a culinary delight, it’s also a practical choice for those looking to stay healthy. The blend of sweet and spicy broth, aromatic spices, and yummy slurp-worthy noodles creates an experience of flavours that not only warms the soul and reminds you of the soup grandma made on cold winter days but also provides a nutritional boost.

Let’s talk about Pho

As you indulge in the carefully crafted Pho, you’re not just enjoying a meal; you’re embracing a tradition that transcends generations. We’re talking about a masterful concoction of incredible and umami flavours. Ideal for a quick meal after work, or one to soothe you after a day spent on the couch.

Vietnamese Foodies invites guests to savour the authenticity of their time-honoured Pho, a dish that is more than just a comfort food—it’s a mindful choice for a healthier winter. With branches across the city, whether you dine-in or take out, it’s the must-try dish this season.

Vietnamese foodies, various locations around Dubai. vietnamesefoodies.com

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