Connectivity just got better in the capital…

Abu Dhabi’s Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) has introduced a few new changes to its routes and fares, and if you’re one of the capital’s Hafilat-card wielding commuters, now would be the right time to take note.

Media: Unsplash, What’s On archive

Pricing info

For those curious about the economics of your trip, a regular fare is set at Dh2 per rider, with an additional 5 fils being charged for each kilometre travelled.

With a one-week bus pass priced at Dh30 and a month-long option available at Dh95, you can enjoy seamless transit as you commute within, or explore the capital city. For those longer routes, riders can switch between buses for up to two transfers, without having to pay an additional fee, as long as you’re transferring buses within an hour of each other.

As was the case earlier, students are eligible for an annual pass priced at Dhs500, while seniors, people of determination and children under 10 years of age ride for free. Emirati families enrolled in social support programmes with the government are eligible for weekly passes priced at Dhs30, and monthly passes at Dhs80.

A little info about the routes…

If you’ve been following the pages, Abu Dhabi’s Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) announced back in November 2023 that commuters operating to and from the Abu Dhabi city centre could look forward to fewer stops, so they can get to and from points A and B much quicker, as could downtown riders heading to and from Khalifa City. Other routes included in the plan included Baniyas, Shahama, Samha, Bahia and Rahba.

Now, we hear more areas will be included within the Abu Dhabi bus network, to further improve public transport services, while all city-wide and residential routes will be integrated from today (February 28), as reported.

Just make sure your Hafilat cards are all topped up before you hop on a bus, and you’re set. You can take a look at some of the recent advancements in the UAE’s transportation system here.