Sponsored: Step into art like never before…

Conceived and produced by world-class Korean digital design company d’strict, ARTE MUSEUM DUBAI is finally opening its doors at Dubai Mall from February 19, after much anticipation.

The internationally acclaimed immersive digital art venue has successfully landed in Dubai for the very fist time in the Middle East

arte museum


ARTE MUSEUM DUBAI will take visitors through a journey beyond time and space with their ‘ETERNAL NATURE’ Exhibition, where they will traverse across 14 zones filled with stunning works and powerful elements of nature.

As you move through the galleries, you will be surrounded by blooming camellia flowers, beautiful waves, lush forest landscapes, tranquil starfields stretching infinitely around you as well as unique content including the GARDEN ‘LIGHT OF DUBAI’ and LIVE CANVAS ‘DESERT’.

arte museum


Visitors can also stimulate all their senses for a truly engaging experience by interacting with the ‘LIVE SKETCHBOOK’ exhibit, which allows them to draw their own animal on paper, scan it and give it life on the walls of the exhibition surrounded by the sights and sounds of a peaceful jungle.

There is also the ARTE TEA BAR, where visitors can enjoy a unique teahouse experience with sweet tea-based mocktails, infused with the individual flavour of each zone.

arte museum


Tickets start at Dhs109 for early bird and Twilight time slots (10am to 11.30pm and 9.30pm to last admission). Available at dubai.artemuseum.com.

ARTE MUSEUM DUBAI, opposite Galeries Lafayette, Dubai Mall, from Feb 19, Mon to Thurs, 10am to 11pm, Fri to Sun, 10am to 12am, dubai.artemuseum.com

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